Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Visit

We were able to be spend the last 6 days on the westside for Easter!  The weather was incredible every day and we loved being back home.  

In Anacortes, Autumn got to go swimming for her first time!  We're pretty sure she was going to try to swim clear across the lake, but thankfully after thoroughly convincing us that she was setting her eyes on the horizon, she turned herself around :)  

We took her for a walk around town and enjoyed checking out all the boats!

One night in Lynden my dad took us to a field of wild daffodils at the edge of town!  He'd been told they come up every year and anyone can pick them.  Pretty cool :)

We ate breakfast at Little Cheerful (of course!) and walked around Bellingham.

After shopping at Fairhaven Runners for new shoes, we came outside to find my dad walking both of the dogs along the boulevard trail!  Too cute.

These two played for hours, and hours, and hours, and hours....

We flew kites!

The fairy kite :)

Easter morning my parents, Conor, and I went to the Gibson's sunrise service.  The service is held on top of a hill out in their field.  Everyone sits on hay bales and afterwards there's cinnamon rolls, coffee, and hot chocolate with whipped cream.  It's the best way to celebrate Easter!

Afte the service Case, Maddie, and Brian joined us for lunch and lots of playing outside.  I love those kids so much!

Liz is about halfway through her pregnancy!  We can't wait for September 30th to roll around so we can meet our little niece/nephew!!

Hunting for Easter eggs -the real kind :)

This little guy comes to my parent's backyard every day where he spends about half an hour eating sunflower seeds from the bird feeder!  He hooks his little hips around the wire and grips with his toes so he can hang over!  I was dying from the cuteness.

And of course a trip back home wouldn't be complete without seeing this lady!  I'm so thankful for the friendship we have.  She's the best! :)

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