Monday, May 7, 2012

Bloomsday Weekend!

This past weekend was so much fun!  Mom, Dad, and Buckley came over on Friday night and we got to spend a wonderful weekend with them!  On Sunday my Mom got to check off a big event on her bucket list - the Bloomsday run!  The course is 7.42 miles (my Garmin GPS showed 7.57, because it included all the weaving around people we had to do).  I am SO PROUD of her for running this race!!  She completely rocked it and blew us all away with her time!   I'm so glad that she beat her personal goal time and that she got that shirt she had been wanting so badly!

The weather was perfect -sunny and mid 60s.  About 50,000 runners ran this year!  We had a blast!

Autumn and Buckley had the time of their lives playing together, too.  :)  They are seriously best friends!

This was taken right as we got to the race and were trying to warm ourselves up!  It felt cold while we were waiting, but it warmed up perfectly as the day went on!

I love my Mom's headband! We picked that up for her at the Expo the day before.  :)

Just a tiny glimpse at the amount of people.  People wear sweatshirts and sweatpants before the race to stay warm, and then right before the start they throw them into the trees.  These are called "throwaways" and everything is collected after the race and donated!  The trees and fences of downtown are covered by the end of the race! It's pretty cool.

Right after we finished!  Feeling pretty pumped about our run!!

Our congratulatory dinner on Sunday was nachos and zeppolis from Ciao Mambo!  A perfect way to end the weekend.

Congrats again, Mom!  Who knows, maybe a year from now we'll be celebrating another 7.42 together. :)

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  1. I am so happy to have Bloomsday off my bucket list!! It was such a fun weekend :) As to another 7.42 together - that remains to be seen ;)