Sunday, November 11, 2012

Just a Quick Note to Say...

life is good!

Last weekend we spent the day in Seattle with Mom and Dad and our friends, the Iversons.  The guys went to Seattle's best known and "hidden" guitar shops, as well as the EMP; the girls went shopping.  :)

As the guys dropped us off we promptly got ourselves to here:

The Westlake Center Starbucks.  It's a must if you're gearing up for 4 hours in Nordstroms.

Drams got Daisy her first suitcase, which also transitions into a backpack.  Perfect for spendthenights!

I always love seeing the Space Needle!  

Today we've been snuggled up at home, witnessing the first little sign of snow in  Lynden.  It was just barely there, if you didn't take the time to really look amongst the rain you might have missed it; thankfully, we didn't, which is precisely why we celebrated with hot cocoa on the stove, cool whip, and crushed candy cane.  :)

Yep, life is good.

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