Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gig Harbor Larkin Beach Cabin

This summer we were able to spend a night with Conor's parent's at the Larkin Beach Cabin in Gig Harbor. We had an awesome time! I had never stayed at the cabin, but Conor has always told me stories about being at the beach, and how much he loves being out there. We wish we could have stayed longer!

This cabin is the coziest place.  There are Larkin family photos everywhere, and etchings of children's height measurements on the walls. This cabin is shared by Kelly and his siblings, and their kids and grandkids are able to stay and enjoy it as well.

You can see the start of Kelly's family's portraits.

I absolutely LOVE this light fixture!

This photo is about as scrumptious as it gets. When I look at photos of "Little Conor" I think, "yep, I'll take 5 little guys exactly like you, please!" It's a problem.

We went clamming! Kelly dug ONE HOLE.  We had this bag filled in about 30 minutes.  So many clams!  This was our dinner that night. :)

Here's where Joan and Kelly taught us how to play Mexican Train Game.  I love that game!! Hmmm now I want to head to Target to buy it so we can play tonight haha!

This was pretty awesome! This little guy was out on the beach and Joan said it's the first time she's seen a deer out there!

Next up I need to share our trip to Seattle with Necia where we got to see KEVIN DURANT, bump into (literally) Isaiah Thomas, and see Nate Robinson and his little kiddos.  Expect some fun videos!

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